Esha and Isa

Esha and Isa

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Their sympathy had worn off and I was back to how I started, except I no longer had my husband beside me. I thought the niqab (face veil) would protect me like it used to, make me look like I fit in with everyone else. But the little person holding my hand gives it away. His beautiful dark skin and short frizzy hair shows that he’s different. They see us as different and they don’t like it. 

Born and brought up in the west with a Pakistani father and Palestinian mother, Esha’s never been liked by her extended family in Pakistan. But they remained polite until she went on to do something never seen in her father’s Pakistani village. She married a black man. 

To make matters worse, Esha and her husband, Isa, move to Pakistan so Esha can teach the less fortunate in the little village her father was brought up in. His passing caused her great grief and she wanted to feel closer to him. But they never accepted her. Yet, Esha refuses to move away and is adamant on raising her son alone in her father’s old house.

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EBisma EBisma Jun 10, 2016
Not blaming you or anything, but in Pakistan, marrying a black isn't a big deal...there is cast discrimination, status discrimination predominantly...Like the villagers would be enraged if their girl marries a man of different cast but I don't think black in specific matters to them...
muniraxv muniraxv Jul 13, 2016
Black people always face the worst discrimination within the Muslim community and out.
Midnight_muslimah Midnight_muslimah Aug 06, 2016
It disappoints me so much that there is racism in our ummah. Tragic really,
1_Samantha_1 1_Samantha_1 Oct 03, 2015
That's sad. I hope the ummah overcome this racism completely. But one can only hope :(
techgeek97 techgeek97 Sep 07, 2015
it's awesome...Guys! Read my story as well, named 'The Other World.
                              Here is the link:
BabyyYungen BabyyYungen Aug 10, 2014
Asalamu Alaykum!
                              I'm pretty slow lol did her husband pass away or her father? :) thanks