Surviving The Harrison Boys

Surviving The Harrison Boys

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Seventeen-year-old Hunter Jamieson is sick and tired of living with her abusive mother and drug addict father. Her wish to get out of there finally come true when she finds out she's going to be living with a family friends.

Everything's going to be fine now, right?

Not exactly.

Hunter wasn't aware she would have to survive the Harrison boys...and there are thirteen of them. She's going to go through hell and back, a whole lot of drama, some hate relationships, and possibly some love.

Nevertheless, boys will be boys, and Hunter's got plenty of them.

(cover by @perksofangirlife)

Funmes9999 Funmes9999 Jul 26, 2016
you just left your friend without sayin goodbye. what a friend you are
chemichaels- chemichaels- Aug 08, 2016
WTF. Sorry but why would they adopt when they have millions of them already? LIKE AT LEAST GET A GIRL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! IF YOU ADOPT!!!
robbievee robbievee Aug 16, 2016
Does anybody else picture Joel as an older version of Draco from Harry potter
chemichaels- chemichaels- Aug 08, 2016
I kinda thought I read something from HSM... Like THE START OF SOMETHING NEWWWW!
Melissa51303 Melissa51303 Sep 22, 2016
When she totally forgets Joel :/ ... you know, Joel, her best friend. Kys Hunter
I just found this and knew I had to read it because the main character was a girl named hunter just like me