My Soul Mate Is Death (A Paranormal Romance)

My Soul Mate Is Death (A Paranormal Romance)

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Anne-Eli Robin By AnneEliRobin Completed

[COMPLETED] When professional hit woman Emmalyn Rivers gets accosted by a mysterious cloak-wearing man who carries a scythe, she is a little miffed. Not only is he interrupting what turned out to be an already problematic kill, but he is asking her to give up her day job. To make matters worse, all of this is happening on Friday night, her night off. 

His reason? She is stepping on his territory. 

The few people acquainted with Emma know well that her job is the only thing she has. Despite her hatred for her occupation, killing by contract is all that she knows. 
When Death threatens her to stop wreaking havoc into his plans, he expects her to fight back, though maybe not quite as hard as she actually does. On the other hand, what he does not expect is to become infatuated with the gun-obsessed, sharp-mouthed girl. Not only that, but when she gets in trouble for a crime she committed because of him, he finds himself for the first time in his existence doing the exact opposite of his job; saving a human, instead of killing her.

(Rated Mature - Swearing, Violence and Sexual content)