Made to Love (coming soon)

Made to Love (coming soon)

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Laylaa By xThePineappleGirlx Updated Jan 02

Analia lives in a town where poverty and starvation is normal. Her mother, a simple serving worker, is constantly trying to set her up with rich men so that she has a chance to live a better life, but Analia refuses to accept any man that her mother brings home. 

When her nineteenth birthday comes, Analia's mother ships her off unwillingly to Sunston, a city where only the most rich and powerful live, and she has no idea why.

Soon, she finds out that she is being forced to marry Blaze King, one of the most powerful and wealthy men, not to mention a prince. Still, she refuses to marry someone she does not love for money. 

But distance makes the heart grow fonder, and the more she tries to stay away from this man, the more she ends up wanting him.