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Confessions At Midnight

Confessions At Midnight

3.6K Reads 37 Votes 6 Part Story
Hana By CherryBlossomGirl13 Updated Nov 03, 2011

It has been six years since Vanessa dissappeared from La Push. Alot has happened there and there is alot more to come. Bella finally became a vampire and begged Jacob to watch over Renesmee, even though he hates her, but because of his love towards Bella he agrees. Seth has imprinted on Renesmee and now the two are best friends. The Volturi have come and gone but there is still a chance they might return. Leah has actually imprinted as well on a photographer, Vince, who had come up to take pictures of La Push but found love instead. Vanessa is returning home but there is something different about her but can anyone figure out what it is before it's to late? How will Jacob react ecspecially since he imprint on Vanessa?

CherryBlossomGirl13 CherryBlossomGirl13 Mar 14, 2011
Thank you so much for your commets. I really enjoy reading them. Chapter Three is now up!
ZariaKnight ZariaKnight Mar 14, 2011
Wonderful! I love this story. Very original twist on the Twilight series, personally I think this is one of the best fanfics so far.
Nerd-venger182 Nerd-venger182 Mar 14, 2011
upload soon, it's good to read a twilight fanfic where renesme and jacob are not together, i personally hate the whole jacob/renesme thing
Purple4Royal Purple4Royal Mar 13, 2011
It's good, but you might want to put spaces after commas and periods and other punctuation marks. Makes it much easier to read.
Dimitrius_Belikova Dimitrius_Belikova Mar 13, 2011
Great stuff! Upload soon! I loved it I hope yours is better than the last jaob black one I read cause i rly need a good jacob black love story to read.... Great stuff keep doing great!
eclipsesun eclipsesun Mar 13, 2011
this is an amazing book, you should continue! it's very creative and could easily become one of my favorites!! :D