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MacRadioRebel_Kpop10 By MacRadioRebel_Kpop10 Updated Apr 24, 2015

A crazy ride with them... Can She SURVIVE? Or will she... DIE?

Book 1: Exo's Bodyguard (COMPLETED)

Book 2: Exo's Courting Their Ex-Bodyguard (Starting)

First Story Ever!!! Hello there!! Read my other stories too please!! Thank you to all the readers that supported my story all throughout and to those who are new.. Come and let's join Min's crazy journey being Exo's Bodyguard...

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I love singing, dancing, rapping, i forgot how to play piano and violin, dunno how to play guitar or bass, i always wanted to play drums
I can't sing nor rap but I can dance to kpop choreography, forgot how to play the guitar, play the piano is my main 👌👌, drums I fool around with along with nads and violin lolol
yuikuran1 yuikuran1 May 28, 2016
Just asking. Since she is a princess how did she get rid of her bodyguards?
- - Jul 20, 2016
I can sing, dance, play guitar and rap I feel so useless ....
bewareimwatchingyou bewareimwatchingyou Sep 14, 2016
Me! I can sing, dance, rap and I can play piano and guitar. I can act too. I have a good height and my face is not bad at all. But why do i feel like I'm nothing?
Thewellversedfangirl Thewellversedfangirl Oct 28, 2016
I am going to assume this is saying that Korea has abolished the monarchy and princess is simply a title. She lives a normal life apart from press and being rich and all the events and shiz.