Martinez Twins [*Contains Sex Scenes*]

Martinez Twins [*Contains Sex Scenes*]

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[Exclusive scenes] 

"Emilio please..." I beg.

"Please what?" Emilio smirks, knowing fully well what I want.

"Fuck me please." I beg, my body tingling with pleasant sensations.

"In a minute, Princess," Emilio's fingers travel to my underwear as my pussy throbs for his touch. He presses two fingers on my pussy as my body arches upwards for more. He laughs quietly at my desperation. 

His index finger loops into my panties before dragging them down my legs painstakingly slow. 

"You're so wet baby... " Emilio teases my folds as I squirm uncontrollably. 
~Scene from [Daddy Emilio] 


The door opens. I freeze, my hand in the middle of rubbing my own clit. 

Ivan's eyes widen, his usually warm blue eyes turning instantly into a deep glacial blue. 

"Name me Rule #3." Ivan leans forward and whisper coldly, his face emotionless. 

~Scene from [Punishment by Ivan] 


"Lock the door." Mr Martinez's tone was flat without any emotion.

"Excuse me Mr Martinez?" Lexi thought she heard wrongly.

"Call me Ivan, and do not make me repeat again. Lock the door."


"Close your eyes," Emilio instructed.

Closing her eyes, Lexi heard shuffling of footsteps and assumed they were walking around to mess with her minds.

"Open your eyes and guess which is Emilio," A voice instructed. Lexi opened her eyes. She was frustrated. Even both of their voices were the same.

She guessed they switched positions, so she pointed at the twin on her right. She screamed at once, as five slaps of the cane from Ivan landed on her pussy hard and fast. Her right hand reached downwards to rub her pussy.

"Don't you dare touch that pussy. I'm Emilio," The twin on her left snickered.

Without warning, Emilio delivered five smacks to her boobs.

"Another round. Close your eyes," Ivan demanded.

~Scenes from [Teacher Ivan] 

P. S. Mature Audiences advised.

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