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Brianna By Naapkinz Updated 3 years ago
RUSH PREVIEW: Every year there’s a new Legend, but before your eligible to become a Legend Racer you need to start at the bottom... You must complete six races in first place and let me tell you those races are not like any other; THERE ARE NO RULES!   All Venus wanted to do was be a Legend Racer, but her friends and unknown people try and stop her.   Venus is a normal seventeen year old with a love for car racing and has an amazing breakdance/hip hop dance talent. She falls for the handsome new guy, Weston. She finds out that he races against her in the Legend races and it becomes a problem for their relationship. Will she end up going to the grand prix and win the title as the Legend Racer? What will happen with Weston? Will they fall apart and forget about love or will they pull it off? Who is the mysterious person trying to make her lose?
I love the storyline already. It's got a different flair than a lot of the stories on here. Reminds me a little of Fast and Furious, only not the same.