Ever After (NaLu FanFiction)

Ever After (NaLu FanFiction)

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M E J ☆ By Majimeh Completed

(Not a NaLi FanFic. I'm already in the Tartaros Arc, by the way.)

Lucy found a perfect job request. She begged Natsu and the whole to team to join her with this mission since her rent deadline is coming near.

In a sudden turn of events, Lissana joined in as well. But no one knew that this job will make Natsu pick between Lissana and Lucy.

If he picked one girl, she lives. But the other one will vanish for good.

Who would he pick and what will he do if the other girl suffers and vanish for good... just like when he lost her before?

-- A story based on a short theory of mine --

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Lisanna, I love you and all. But sometimes I just wish you would step on a Lego.
Lisanna I hope you die faster than Krillin and as stupidly and pitifully as Yamcha
Me:sorry team natsu is full so bye 
                              Natsu:no we have room for a old friend do come on lissana 
                              Me:you better not come or I will cut your throat this is a nalu job not a nali 
                              Lissana:*goes and cries in corner*
                              Lucy:*jumps up and down hugging me saying thank u,thank u,thank u
The reason why I am so annoyed is that she automatically thinks she can join just cause she has nothing to do and doesn't even ask first
Because you're here😒 so if you dont mind you piece of Crappy Lasagna. GO.AWAY!
KidiGal KidiGal Apr 20