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A temporal fix, and Dana 'Mack' MacKenzie and her barnstorming sports team were restored to the original timeline by the employees of the Temporal Integrity Commission, in the 32nd century. 

But there was a Temporal Cold War raging, and the faction responsible could just as easily do it again. Agent Rick Daniels had to return to fix that. He also had to keep an imperfectly designed and poorly understood piece of technology - the source of the original temporal disruption - from being fired again, by a rogue Section 31 operative.

In the meantime, Mack and her team would go to Daranaea, where games would be played, and their Communications Officer was set to be wed. Mack and her second cousin, Martin Madden of the USS Enterprise-E, would attend together. They were kept apart by an unjust and poorly drafted incest law. Would they deny their feelings? Or would they fight the law?

Star Trek fan fiction - The Next Generation - Jean-Luc Picard - Geordi LaForge - Wesley Crusher - Martin Madden - Beverly Crusher - Guinan - B4