Fated To The Enemy

Fated To The Enemy

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Brittany By Wolves_N_Roses99 Updated May 17

What do you do...when the man your destined to love....has killed hundreds of your kind and you've killed thousands of his....?

About a hundred years ago there was an uprising....the Gargoyles have tried to over throw the Angels.  So far.... it hasn't worked.... and now the world is split into two sides.... Angels vs Gargoyles. 

Jessamy "Jessie" Johnson is death. On the battle field is where she thrives. It's one of the only things she's good at. Her and her three best friends Mel, Taysa and Irisa are four of the highest ranking wolves in the Nightshade Army.

By now, Jessie's just going through the motions. Truthfully, she just wants this damn war to end. It already took her mother from her three years earlier.... the last thing she wants is for anyone else she loves to be met with an early grave. 

So she fights, and she's damn good at it. But one fateful encounter changes everything. Thrusted into a world she knows nothing about, her and her friends will learn much about the very people they sought to kill. 

As Jessie's journey continues it will be met with lies secrets and betrayals that will follow her around every turn as she discovers that maybe she was fighting for the wrong side all along...