Project: Socialize (Chapters 198-Continued)

Project: Socialize (Chapters 198-Continued)

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Continuation of Project: Socialize from Chapter 197 as the book has reached the 200 chapter limit for Wattpad.

I'm just me. An ordinary high school boy with no girlfriend, not too many friends, and no talent.  What I enjoy doing after school is roaming around the halls, hoping that like in the cliche anime and manga, I'll bump into someone that'll change my life. Of course, nothing is going to happen. What do you expect? 

But, this APP on my phone is kind of weird. I don't remember installing it. If I click on it, it asks me to complete missions. But how the hell am I supposed to do these embarrassing tasks that might get me charged with Sexual Assault?

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The story contains some 18+ scenes, very minimal when compared to the overall amount of the story, but I make sure to mark those with a 18+ in the chapter title. You do not necessarily have to read those chapters if you're uncomfortable with sexually explicit content. But... you chose to read a book with the harem and mature tag... What else do you think you're getting into?

PS: I'll be using a fantasy Earth and the city of Palisia cause I feel like it. Therefore, there will be fantasy sounding names. For those of you readers  that read my past works, know that this is an independent story from the other stories that share the same city. I just suck at creating names okay?

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