The Lost Unicorn (Male reader insert)

The Lost Unicorn (Male reader insert)

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TheRisingStorm40 By TheRisingStorm40 Updated Nov 09

As you may have seen I haven't put a reader x someone, well your going to have to read to find out who it is that will be the reader's love interest.
At some point I might make a mature scene so the rating may change to mature in the future. I might also rewrite parts of chapters from time to time.(Also most of this is probably not cannon)
Now onto the story description:

You are (Y/N) Links, son of Banagher Links and Mineva Lao Zavi. You are an excellent mobile suit pilot and engineer. You have went through tough times, lost friends in battle, killed even if you didn't want to.  Suddenly your life took a turn life when an enemy of unknown origin. The only question you have is if you can help them.

Disclaimer: I do not own You, Mobile Suit Gundam UC, or Aldnoah.Zero, that includes any of the pictures and characters. I only own this story that I have created.

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