||You're Not Crazy|| NamjoonxReader

||You're Not Crazy|| NamjoonxReader

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"(Y/n) isn't here."  I say after Teacher Park asked if everyone was in class.

All of the students laugh and Teacher Park chuckles. "Oh, nice try, Namjoon. Taehyung already beat you to the joke yesterday." 

I frown. I'm not joking. I turn to Jimin who was sitting in the last row. "Jimin. She sits by you everyday. Behind me. (Y/n) always came to school on time and stayed through the whole day." 

Jimin gives me a strange look. "Namjoon hyung. I'm the only one who sits in this row. The only one time someone sat with me was the first day of school. And that was you."

I was about to say something but Teacher Park started the math lesson.
"Namjoon oppa! Wake up!" A warm hand shook my shoulder roughly. The soft feminine voice turned a little harsh as I continued my slumber. "Namjoon! Get up! Why are you sleeping on the school steps? Were you expecting a date?" The owner of the voice kicked my leg.

I jolt awake and look up to see (Y/n). I gasp and stood up hurridly. During my action I knocked her over. She stumbles and lands on the grass with her butt. Skirt folded back from the fall, her smooth legs were exposed.

"Yah! Why did you do that?" She whines cutely. "I was trying to save you from neck and back problems. All you do is push me." she frowns and crosses her arms over her chest. A walking aegyo. 

"(Y/n)!" I rush over to her and helped the girl up. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that." (Y/n) straightens out her school skirt and laughs. 

"You're fine, Namu. I just wanted you to feel guilty to buy me food."
"Namjoon hyung? Who are you talking to?" Jimin's voice calls out in the quiet, dimly lit library.  I look at him and then back at (Y/n). 

"I'm talking to (Y/n)." I frowned, annoyed. Jimin just nodds with a weird face. 

"Is she a noona?" He sits down across from me and sets down his phone with the screen down to stop from distractions. 

"To you she is. But she is younger than me by a few days." Jimin pulls out his assignments. 


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