The Dreams of a Goddess  HIATUS

The Dreams of a Goddess HIATUS

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Lady_Raizel By signora_mezzanotte Updated May 21

A Goddess born out of a taboo. For she is the daughter of the Jade Emperor and the Goddess of Wishes. 

Neglected since birth and her mother's personal maid only making sure that she's alive, Yume did not know love. What she had was only the knowledge of selfishness and greed. The greed to be noticed, the selfishness to make people remember them. Yume saw it all in her mother until her last years when Yume was to turn three. 

And then, the Jade Emperor came and swooped her up, claiming her as his child. Yume, expecting to have a better life, was then disappointed. Yume would not feel the love that she should have been given since she was little and she wouldn't have fallen sick...

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