Necromancy In D Minor ✔️

Necromancy In D Minor ✔️

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Jaxon M. Tempest By IntoTheTempest Completed

Sin and symphony. That's all a necromancer needs.

Octavia is a woman of many hats -- a maestro, an educator, a wanderer and an accomplished liar, and she wears all of them at once if need be. Masquerading as a music teacher, she travels the world on a mission to rid it of the netherborne -- a scourge from beyond the grave. 

When her travels take her to the tiny island of Hedalda, she finds a town on its knees, under the heel of the netherborne, and a people who believe necromancers are the worst thing to happen to humanity.

Wit and a song, necromancy through music, was all she ever needed. But this time it isn't enough. The scourge looms larger with each song Octavia plays, and to save Hedalda she must navigate a web of deceit, look beyond sin and symphony, all while keeping her true identity a secret.

Awesome cover was made by @scmimi