Vanilla and Chocolate [HS]

Vanilla and Chocolate [HS]

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Harry's favourite ice-cream flavour was vanilla but he was allergic to it, therefore he ate chocolate because it was the next best thing.  

Mary Jane's favourite ice-cream flavour was chocolate but she was allergic to it, therefore she ate vanilla because it was the next best thing.  


WARNING: This is so badly written. Please read my other book  

›credit to indiehaz for coming up with the idea‹ [her account has been deleted]

Um idk FVCKING know bc he's an angel. He is heaven. He is perfect. He is gorgeous....I could go on
They should try each others ice cream then stab each other with an epi-pen
I've got hoes in different area codes but they still my hoes💁🏿
saymyharry saymyharry Feb 09
My favourite ice cream is mint choc chip. Just putting that out there😂🙌🏼
A mmm Okay, i am Colombiana, yeah,i am from Colombia, so i Dont Know very good Your Idiom €= thanks (?
if I was allowed to EAR vanilla I would become deaf because it would freeze my eardrums