The Teenage Problem

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ميراندا Miranda By JadeHero330 Completed
© 2012 Miranda JK
    High school is when you party...or so the saying goes.
    And sometimes people can go too far...
    Raina wants to forget about the past year and the party that changed her life forever, but her memories won't let her.  What happens when all the progress she's made in suppressing the past comes crumbling down in one fell swoop?  Can Raina find herself, or is she doomed to stay stuck in her past forever?
wow this is.. wow. This is such an amazing story, it was beautifully written. Deserves way more reads, this really is amazing
This is so great! I can imagine how this won "most poignant". Keep it up (:
Very nice job. It was powerful and informational all at the same time. You really have a gift with writing and getting your point across. It was very very powerful.
This story is amazing, it get to the point that this actually happens and most people cant help because it is one big secret that most people are scared to admit. You did a wonderful job sis.
I've worked with DV shelters before and their #1 rule was that we were not allowed to interact directly with any of the victims... just in case they were someone we recognized.  DV is much more common than people think.  Thank you raising awareness of DV in this powerful story!