DeadMan's Creek

DeadMan's Creek

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Donnieboy_tmnt By Donnieboy_tmnt Updated Oct 26, 2018

As Wade ran with him in his arms, Parker remained out cold, barely breathing at this point. Parker has just gotten a really bad beating and Wade was running him to his home to help him.  

When Deadpool got to the Secret Marvel hospital they took off Spider-Mans mask to show Parker. Wade was shocked but overjoyed at the same time. Something inside of him told him that the moment he wakes up to show him who he is, but his thoughts kept saying one thing: "Will he run away from me?"


These two have been working together for months and Spider-Man finds him quite annoying. Wade Wilson finds Peter a little childish 

Wade had no clue who Spiderman was under the mask but he loved him anyway, not just wanting him for sex but to love him too. Knowing how Wade Wilson is he can seem like a massive player in Parker's eyes.

What Parker doesn't know is the man he's crushing on is Deadpool. After all, not seeing their faces without the masks on is very secretive.

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