DAWN (Manxboy)

DAWN (Manxboy)

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Princescared By princescared Updated 4 days ago

Stephen was somewhat unique of all the others. He was an orphan, a beggar;  child who grew up in the sidewalks of town. And what is worst.... He has no memory of his past.

He suffered abuse and harassment until a kind couple took him in. They loved him like a true son but........

Vampires attacked his village killing his now called family.

The massacre was lead by no other than the vampire king. He simply wished to play a hunting party, but only they hunt humans.

Unfortunately for Stephen he was the mate of the cold blooded vicious vampire.

How will he learn to love him..... When you know he killed your family?

Warning! There are explicit scenes that others may find it disgusting or inappropriate. This is gay stuff and yes there will be mature scenes. If your uncomfortable with that then kindly skip leave.
For those who loves this then enjoy😁