Monsters: An Riverdale Prequel

Monsters: An Riverdale Prequel

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darkwingj By darkwingj Updated Oct 02, 2019

The year is 1992 in the town of Riverdale as its known as the town with pep an horrifying secret is about to come to the surface.

Alice Smith is an misguided girl part of the southside serpents and FP Jones is an star QB for the Riverdale high football team.

These two mismatched people have something in common they both have horrible home lifes. Alice is fearful of an person she names The Monster who happens to be her mother and FP has an tough relationship with his sometimes violent father and desperate to get out of the southside and Riverdale 

One day the two cross paths and what lead to an simple confrontation turns into an dangerous love for Alice, FP as well as their friends who get thrown in the middle. 

As their frustrations and hatred toward their parents grows so does their love for one another. 

Things then become dangerous coming to an head one fateful night that when it happens things will never be the same again.

I don't own Riverdale or its characters both licensed by Warner Bros./CW and Archie Comics.

Cover designed by @Crimson_Graves