Bamboo went to ASAP with dried tears on his cheek. He was paler than the usual. He was wearing a brown long-sleeved top and jag jeans.

                "Bamboo, rehearse mo na ang lines niya." Pancho said while he was dressing up.

                His eyes became wider than usual."Ano? Bakit?" Dadagdag pa ba ito? Ang laki na ng problema ko, binigla pa ako. "You mean I'm doing a one-man duet?"

                "Sort of like that. Ikaw naman. Parang hindi mo naman kaya iyan." His friend tapped his shoulder as a sign of consoling and motivation. "Isa pa, paos siya."

                He sighed. "OK. OK."

                "Tapos na ba?" Pancho asked the make-up artist.

                She nodded.

                "Leave us first, please?"

                She did.


                "Panch. . ."

                "Bams. . ."

                He started to cry again. His eyes wanted to resist but his tears started to fall simultaneously as though noth...

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