Ouran High School Host Club Imagines

Ouran High School Host Club Imagines

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_Jessee_ By _Jessee_ Updated Sep 18, 2017

Ouran High imagines.
Requests are open!!

7/30/17 UPDATE:
I have included match-ups, head cannons, and gif reactions!
Requests are open!!


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GarnetClover118 GarnetClover118 Jun 06, 2016
Wait can I make a request? 
                              I'm fine with either of the twins or Tamaki 
                              I'm Clover, I love to read, I'm Indian so yeah. Is that all I'm supposed to put?
                              Is this closed?
MeowMiwa01 MeowMiwa01 Feb 04, 2016
Can I make a request? 
                              Host -Kyoya 
                              Me- Karolyn 
                              - long grey/ blue hair grey blue eyes (I actually look like this) kinda tall 
                              Story- emotional sad, but cute?
animegirlkw animegirlkw Aug 15, 2016
Could you please please please please please write a 'dating kaoru would include.' Also I just want say I love your writing!
lonely_king lonely_king Feb 03, 2016
Hi author-chan can I make a request?
                              Host: Hikaru
                              My Name: Nami
                              Story: We both like each other but none of us know it. We go to the beach with the rest of the hosts and have some fun then the confessions and u can decide the details of the whole thing. 
                              Thank wu *bro-fist*
book-of-book book-of-book Apr 06, 2016
Hi! Your book has a lot of views! Ouran high school! Maybe you could check my story and tell me what u think Plz! Your story is great!
_Jessee_ _Jessee_ Mar 30, 2015
@_darkwolf_  I AM SO SORRY I HAVENT SEEN THIS COMMENT!!! Sorry mate... any way yeah ill start on it!!