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The Big Bad Alpha Werewolf Fell for Me? After Kidnapping Me?

The Big Bad Alpha Werewolf Fell for Me? After Kidnapping Me?

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ElenaStar954 By ElenaStar954 Completed

This is about a 17 year old Nicole Argent who moved with her mom after her dad died. While with her new friend Jennifer at the duck pond they get kidnapped by Damon Johnson. Damon is a werewolf and alpha of the Dark Moon Knight Pack. After Damon kidnapped Nicole, she found that he was her mate. But she didn't know what that was. ------------------------------------ Here is some of the story ------------------------------------ When Nicole sat up and started to scream for me to get away. "Get away from me dog, or whatever you are!!" she screamed. "I need to explain something to you." I said calmly. "No get away from me!" "Let me explain." "Fine explain." She said trying to calm herself but staying alert. "Ok just listen don't say anything until I'm done. Got it." "Fine whatever." "Ok, we are not dogs to start. We are what you call werewolves." "Werewolves? You mean like Twilight?" "Yes and yes, now let me finish." She just nodded. "Well I am an Alpha of the Dark Moon Knight Pack. Aiden is second in command. He is in charge when I am not around. Matt is third in command, almost the same thing as Aiden but not the same. Now you are here because...well you are my mate." "Your what?" Does Nicole stay or leave Damon? Does she except everything that is going to happen in the future? Well read to find out....

Copyright © Heaven Sorrels

I haven't heard that song in a long time but it's still my jam
Cringy how she wears flip flops and sweats and drives a mustang. Idk but it's just weird to me
Faralau Faralau Nov 14, 2016
`                                        `
                              never watched twilight
AmbriaSydney AmbriaSydney Jul 06, 2016
Am I the only one who thinks its weird to have on a pink shirt and blue pants?!?!
SumSum835 SumSum835 Aug 08, 2016
If I were in this book - "Bítch. Toy? Hell no. Ima find a real big äss toy and shove it up his äss sideways."
ActuallyGod21 ActuallyGod21 Jun 20, 2016
Both, you go to yours and I'll go to mine. Haha jk book is great so far