If You Have Ghosts (Papa Emeritus III)

If You Have Ghosts (Papa Emeritus III)

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NamelessAether By NamelessAether Updated Aug 03, 2019

>> Just to make something clear. This book is a parody, full of black humour. The goal is not to be considered offensive (for example, word 'fag' may sound offensive, but that doesn't mean I hate queer people. In fact, I consider myself queer too), but if it happens, don't take it personally. Basically, the book is full of stupid, inappropriate and mind-damaging jokes, so prepare yourself before reading this. Also, I imagined Papa being a lot younger, around protagonist's age. I'm pointing this out just to make sure I am not creating an implicit pedophilic content. And the last important fact: the story contains a lot of foul language. So I'd say this is for 16+ audience. <<

Astrid Lili is a 17 year old girl who is passing through incredibly dull, but also strange phase of life. Her childhood trauma is following her like a ghost until she herself becomes a ghost for a short time. One hit of a car changes her life drastically as she starts to see things other people don't. Some very peculiar ghostly things and people. Someone like Papa Emeritus III. But why does she see him? Who is he? What are his intentions?

● A sort of fanficition inspired by the band Ghost. Basically I just use the names, so it has no great connection with Ghost as real band beside that. Therefore, there are no concerts or any live shows nor tours and etc. I hope you enjoy a dose of hilarious and awkward situations. ●

A/N: As for the updates...My schedule is very unpredictable. Therefore, there is equal chance for me to publish ten chapters in one day or one chapter in one month. It's a roulette. 

References: The artwork I used for the cover of the book is a design made by talented graphical designer Daniel Paz.