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This is the story of the Wilder family. A complicated bunch that belong in a horror film.
There's Alex, the devious adventurer who doesn't enjoy boredom or waiting.
Sean, the reasonable older brother who would rather live a normal life.
Taylor, the youngest, who is good with tools.
Shay, the best friend next door, or the only girl Alex talked to growing up.
And Tiger, who's always on the run.

In the first part of this story, or The Survivor, the Wilder family (A trio of werewolves) is forced to pack their bags and move to Miami with their mother. Unhappy about leaving their father's old mansion, Alex, Sean, and Taylor get on a plane to leave their home in Virgina Beach. When they are caught in a storm, their plane goes down somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. The three Wilders become castaways on a deserted island. Well, somewhat deserted...

In the second part, or The Princess, Alex's best friend, Shay, finds out the truth about her family. Alex, Shay, and Alex's vampire sister Tiger, journey to the magical world of Karwyn, where they find out secrets about their family, past, and power. All while the biggest war in magical history threatens their world.

In the third and final part of the story, The Humans, Alex is captured by-yep, you guessed it-humans. Karwyn is exposed to the public and Alex is thrown in a cage, for she is a threat to the public. The most gruesome of the three parts sets the scene for an epic battle between the Wilders and the humans.

What would YOU do if you were the most powerful creature in history?

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