Celeste (Black Butler Fan Fic)

Celeste (Black Butler Fan Fic)

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Minako Namikaze-Uzumaki By LunarStar2798 Updated Aug 04, 2017

*Warning! As of June, 2017 this story will be undergoning some more editing, meaning some scenes will change and editing will start. We, Kasey (Your Author) and Lizzy (Your Editor), have decided to do this as we don't feel the story or writing is up to our standards just yet. This will be a quick process and the chapters will be replaced one by one but we will not take any of the current chapters down. So please enjoy the story and comment. Don't worry, we don't bite, we are just sarcastic as hell and you are welcomed to be sarcastic as hell too.*

Celeste Phantomhive is the twin sister of Ciel Phantomhive. Yes, you read correctly, Ciel Phantomhive. However, Celeste is a reaper due to the attack on the manor and an attack she witnessed prior to the murder of her parents. With this power only comes one downfall. She must marry a demon as she is the reapers Angel. Follow her on her adventures with her brother.

I don't own Black Butler. I only own my OCs and plot changes or shenanigans Celeste might do.

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Megan29Jayne Megan29Jayne Apr 04, 2017
I'd kill him... Like I like red but I love black so I'd probably SEE Red and make him go black and bluee
mia1293 mia1293 Aug 08, 2017
well this is not how I expected this to start but I'm loving the story so far
Five_Faced Five_Faced Jul 31, 2016
O my trucking god my sisters name is Celeste. She likes a guy named lawliet.
Torchsoul Torchsoul Feb 06, 2016
It is quite good. Just give me a chapter or two to get attached to Celeste
wolfgirl84938 wolfgirl84938 Jul 25, 2016
The only thing I can say is I LOVE THIS BOOK SO Farrrrrrrrr!!
Nyaoritzu Nyaoritzu Nov 22, 2016
I was thinking of Servant of Evil because of the "go run do not look back" thing