The Wolf Girl (A One Direction Story)

The Wolf Girl (A One Direction Story)

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Haley By MyFiveFavoriteIdiots Updated May 25, 2014

Hi, my name is Ariela but I prefer Ari. I'm just gonna be straightforward here... I'm a werewolf.

No, no. Not just your typical howl-at-the-moon werewolf. I am a princess.

Many years ago there was a war between the werewolves and the vampires. Unfortunately, the vampires won, but not through their own power. They had the entire clan of Supernova witches with them. Without the witches, we would've won... and my parents wouldn't be dead.

In that war, almost all of the werewolves perished. And with me being only seven at that time, I couldn't rule them. So, to this day, the few living werewolves lived among the humans, completely forgetting that their princess lived in an orphanage in London...

Well... Almost.

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