Book Covers (OPEN)

Book Covers (OPEN)

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xNightingale_girlx By xNightingale_girlx Updated May 21

Got a book? Have it all written out and planned? That's great. 

Now all that's left is the cover. You've tried making it yourself, but it just doesn't satisfy you. In other words, you're stumped. Covers are important. They're the visual part of writing, and usually are used as the first hook that urges readers to click on your story. An aesthetically pleasing cover versus just a black screen with small text on it could very well be the difference between a story with over thousands of reads, and a story with only that one supportive friend who insists that your story is the best.

So what could you do?

Worry no more! 

In this book, I will make pre-mades, requests and other cover needs. If you have a request, just shoot it to me via private message or my message board! Please read the first chapter, where the guidelines and password are.

The covers I make are... well, uh, definitely not the best out there. In fact, they're probably the worst. I highly encourage you to go ask anyone else, they will make you a glorious cover far better than I could ever dream of designing. But if you're desperate, Guess I'm here =3=

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