Earth-chan and Friends

Earth-chan and Friends

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Tamuna Tsertsvadze By TamunaTsertsvadze Updated 5 days ago

The story of a young girl, Earth-chan, our mother planet, who studies at Planetarium college together with other planets and stars, and is the only one to have tiny creatures - humans - inhabit her hair. 

Due to such difference from other planets, Earth-chan is often bullied, and yet, she adores the little humans that live in her hair and often cause harm to her. 

Earth-chan lives a common school life in Planetarium college together with her planet friends, and also tries to communicate with her little human inhabitants. Living such a life, she strives hard to become popular in her college, and attract the attention of her crush - Sun-kun, while herself she is admired by a boy from junior class - Moon-kun.

How will the events shape out in the end? Which boy will Earth-chan end up with? And how will humans learn to live together with their mother planet? Find out in these marvelous adventures of Earth-chan and her friends!

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