Killer || z.m au

Killer || z.m au

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Liamslaces By Liamslaces Updated Nov 14, 2016

Killer [kil-er] 



A person or thing that kills 

 Serial Killer [ser-eeh-ul kil-er] 



The act of killing a person or thing on a regular basis  

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ 

 Zayn Malik was both of these things, a killer that killed on a regular basis. 

Almost every weekend.

He was known to the public as 'The Slicer'.
He targets adolescent girls who were either too intoxicated or too 'high' to know right from wrong.  Witnesses describe Malik's appearance as 'sexy' and 'hot'. Some even say 'angelic' or 'god-like'.

Despite his 'angelic' appearance, Malik unfortunately defies this description by brutally murdering his victims using only a knife. As he delicately slices each victim, one can only imagine the painful shrieks emitted by each girl, however, each autopsy shows no sign of hesitation.  Zayn Malik shows no sign of mercy, or stopping.  

Until Cat Woods that is.

charmingmalik charmingmalik Jan 20, 2016
I'd go to him without warning. Idc if he kills me. Atleast ill get too see his flaming hot face before I die
tae-ba tae-ba Jan 08, 2016
OMG when I was younger there was a rumour that there was a guy known as the slicer and he used to go round cutting people as he walked down the road (my road) and I was never allowed to go out after dark (dont ask XD)
Gatsby1Dmalik Gatsby1Dmalik Dec 30, 2015
woah the prologue sounds like im watching some mystery movie ...............!
- - Dec 23, 2015
as soon as i even caught a glimpse of the title i knew this was gonna be good
Biebbbbssss Biebbbbssss Dec 04, 2015
This is creepy. I'm scared to think that Zayn does this ( I know not in real life) but I'm ready lol
zavage- zavage- Jul 08, 2015
I love this soooooo much and wanna read this so damn badly but I don't start a book this good until it's finished.