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My Naughty Babysitter

My Naughty Babysitter

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iluvmusic510 By iluvmusic510 Updated Dec 07, 2016

I walked into my house, happy to be home. That didn't last long. The house reeked of alcohol and Tony was nowhere to be seen. 
"Tony?" I called out. No answer. 
The smell of alcohol got stronger as I neared mine and Tony's rooms, since they were across from each other. I debated on which room he might be in but before I could figure it out, I was pulled into his room and tossed onto his bed. 
"What the-" 
He took advantage my state of shock and quickly handcuffed my wrist and ankles to the bed. I struggled and jerked around, trying to get free, but it was no use. He had the keys. He must have been insane if he was really drinking- listen to me, 'if'. He had already won the Worst Babysitter Award long ago when he began to harass me. 
"Tony! What the fuck? Let me go, you bastard!" 
He got in my face and I could tell that he was piss drunk. He slapped me. "What did I tell you about cursing and calling me names?" He hissed. "And that's Mr. Babysitter to you." 

Azula was always the bad ass party thrower when her parents went out of town, which was every other week. But what happens when her parents get fed up with her unruly behavior and hire a babysitter? He'll show her the real meaning of bad ass and bring out the fear in this 'tough chick'.

aartiparty100 aartiparty100 Mar 25, 2014
How can the dad say no boys and then the babysitter is a guy!?