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Hetalia Yaoi Lemons~! ♥

Hetalia Yaoi Lemons~! ♥

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North/South Italy~~ By ItalianLover Updated May 21, 2016

First ever fanfics to put on Wattpad~
Just read the title
I know you didn't end up here for simply no reason you sexy thing c;

- - Mar 14, 2016
It is not incest! China found Japan so he's his adopted brother!
ChineseUnicornPotato ChineseUnicornPotato Oct 09, 2016
Can we just think about Ludwig covering his ears on the other room
Death_is_my_CHEESE Death_is_my_CHEESE Apr 03, 2016
Well. We had French and German, and all we got in the end was Italian. Well. I'm done.
wolfcat19 wolfcat19 Apr 30, 2016
Admittedly, Pru-Can is the only hetalia ship I support besides Germany x Italy. Good job, Italianlover-san.
queenoftheemocorner queenoftheemocorner Jul 30, 2016
and Germany is sitting downstairs with ear buds in listing to american rock music at full volume to bloc out the sound
queenoftheemocorner queenoftheemocorner Sep 29, 2016
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh germany was in the house the whole time 
                              i can just imagin him in the living room hearing this blushing and then runs out of the house to italys house just to get away from the sound