Vampire Knight Takuma Ichijo Fanfiction: Torn Hearts

Vampire Knight Takuma Ichijo Fanfiction: Torn Hearts

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"I'm screaming on the inside without anyone realising, I'm tearing up my curiosity in my own space, I try to hide the truth as hard as I can but it hurts. It hurts to know that I murdered him..."


Akira Mokato can't remember her past and thinks it's because of the anxiety she recieved from falling down a staircase one day. Only part of that is true, as well as some other events that may happen along the way.
Truth to be found and hearts to be broken.

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I'm going to change this to Scarlet because that's what I named my pistol. No I don't think I'm morbid, I named it after an overly energetic girl that I babysit. No I'm not trigger happy.
insfiresMeeeee insfiresMeeeee Dec 17, 2016
The fourth wall has been broken! Women and children take shelter I repeat take shelter
AnimeOtakuGirl_042 AnimeOtakuGirl_042 May 20, 2016
Boy, I don't even call my real dad "daddy" anymore so seeing this is extremely weird 😂
smoloreo smoloreo Dec 09, 2016
"hello, I'm the swim coach at this god damn, f!cking elementary school." 
                              (Brandon Rogers.) sorry I had to do it.
ClemRogal ClemRogal Jan 16
You and lots of other characters have to stop breaking the fourth wall. You don't know the struggle it is to repair it
Juniutk Juniutk Dec 30, 2015
My definition of daddy has been tainted so seeing this is weird ;-;