For you, Because of you.

For you, Because of you.

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Genderbent John.

Based off the headcanon of:

Imagine John being so angry and frustrated with Sherlock that he snaps and pulls up his sleeves to reveal all the scars he has from having self-harmed while Sherlock was gone and him screaming "I did this because of you!" And Sherlock going completely silent with hurt in his eyes as he looks at the scars until he starts unbuttoning his shirt and takes it off to reveal numerous scars and torture marks from his 2 years dismantling Moriarty's network and being tortured by the Serbians and quietly says "I did this FOR you."

Joan didn't expect to be flat mates with a self-proclaimed sociopath. Sherlock didn't expect to even share a flat with someone else besides himself.

2 years later and a missed confession, Joan had thought she moved on. Until someone came back and thought bringing back the past was what they needed.

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