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Sky Angel - Volume 1

Sky Angel - Volume 1

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♥♥ Crystal ♥♥ By silverstars97 Completed

My name is Crystal Fury, Nick Fury's daughter. My mother left us when I was five. My father found out that she was living with another man. So, she left. 

Ever since she left, my father took care of me. He balanced the time he has at work and the time he has to spend time with me.

Now that I am 21 years old, I help out at S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters as my father's personal assistant.

But, the truth is, I'm not just a personal assistant, I am an Avenger.

My identity has been kept secret for a long time. When the Avengers came to stop Loki from creating a portal using the Tesseract, I was just his personal assistant. No one knew who I was. No one knew that I was Nick Fury's daughter.

Until Loki did it again..

He escaped Asgard and came back to Earth for revenge.

Since this happened, my father, assigned me to recruit all of the Avengers.

This will definitely be a new start for me. This time, I will be able to join the Avengers to fight for Earth and to show what I have within me...

Oh, your kust realizing this? No, you are totally not stalkers. Note the sarcasm.
Becoming stalkers? Are you serious? You are stalkers and just becoming!
Avenger_thewarrior Avenger_thewarrior Aug 29, 2016
SaraTheUnicorn13 SaraTheUnicorn13 Nov 06, 2016
Everything has like a good description and here this sentence like Has awesome kung-fu skills. God I died.
SaraTheUnicorn13 SaraTheUnicorn13 Nov 06, 2016
Just to jump from a 30 thousand feet in the air falling to the ground and being squished like a pancake