Forbidden Desires

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Harrah By BittersweetIndie Completed
Zaylie Amelie Hawthorne is a fifteen year old werewolf living with her twenty-six year old brother up in the frigid Alaskan mountains. Zaylie has always been told to come home before midnight because then the wolf pack would come out to hunt. One night, Zaylie is caught out past three o'clock in the morning and who is it she runs into at this time of night? The one that her brother always feared, The Stone Wood Alpha. Alpha Kaden requests her presence, what is Zaylie to do when the Almighty Alpha decides to take her as his new mate without her consent? Will Zaylie ever submit to this Alpha's higher power?
I found this pic online and fell in love with it! Great choice of a pic! :)
loving Zaylie..:) waiting eagerly for the next upload...:):)
Oh snap that would of freaked me out (breathing on my neck)! Love it!