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Not Quite Over You (rrbxppg)

Not Quite Over You (rrbxppg)

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☆ Redsforever13 ☆ By redsforever13 Completed

"You st-still mean everything to me, it's just n-not worth the f-fight anymore..." Blossom said tears rushing down her face, staring into bricks eyes, her voice hoarse but strong.      He replied with a shaky voice, "You can't be serious blossom! It was a set up, I didn't kiss her, she kissed me!!!"       "How d-do I know, I'm not the same girl, I can never b-be that girl again. Your the one that I love b-but I'm saying goodbye...."  ______________________________________________________________  The ruffs and puffs were dating 8th grade and during the talents show, talent scouts saw those boys singing. They were taken to L.A. for a record deal, they promised the girls they'd be back. A year in, reporters started saying how the boys went clubbing and had a different girl every week. Once the puffs heard, buttercup went into an angry depression while bubbles went into sad depression but blossom had to be strong for her sisters. She kept everything in, no one ever knew how much she was hurt and broken. The 2nd year, they wrote how brick was getting serious with this one girl and possible engaged, blossom locked herself in her room for a week, she drank antidote X trying to kill herself but it only temporally took away her powers. She was walking home one day from school and got raped by a gang, Mitch found her and took her home. The boys came back the 3rd year and lets just say they're gonna fight for their girls.   Not good at descriptions, the stories way better than it sounds, I hope..... (:

Wow blossom is taking this Seriously. YOU GO GIRL FORGET ABOUT BRICK U HAVE ME.....and your sisters!!!!!
Angryman1187 Angryman1187 Oct 16, 2016
Ok *shoves Brick and make them kiss* YOU GUYS ARE AWAKE YET!?
Kanchet_Cel-sama Kanchet_Cel-sama May 08, 2016
*hyper ventilating* (⊙o⊙) n-no *gets dizzy and faints* blegh
Lilchibigirl1 Lilchibigirl1 Mar 02, 2015
I must be honest I've read this book 0-3 times and I'm still addicted to the poetry
- - Feb 22, 2015
mystery girl--  o.k. that it Brick is asking for. Let me in so I can pound him, break every little bony in his tiny body.
                              Ain't nobody got time for that. BOYS, hu I'd like to see him cry.