A Diamond in Islam | √

A Diamond in Islam | √

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I leaned close to her. "The only thing I wish for, baby, is you," I whispered.

She tensed. I could sense the inner battle in her as she closed her eyes for a second before she leaned away from me.

"Why do you get so tense every time I'm close?" I asked.

 "I'm not used to guys being so close to me," she said breathless.

"Oh, well you better get used to it, sweetheart. I'm starting to crave for you," I replied, keeping my voice husky.

* * * *

Amira is the type of girl who conceals her feelings from others. Smiling all the time even when times are rough. She's been through a lot. Her brother is currently on a rocky road with his faith and she's the only one he lets into his life. While Amira works to help her brother and maintain her school work, a new guy comes to town. The boundaries she set out for boys come crashing down.
Damon has lived his life hating every religion he can seek. To him, religion was something to just make one suffer more in life. The religion of Islam sickened him the most, yet when he meets a Muslim, she was nothing like he imagined.
Will Amira be able to fight the forbidden? Or will she give in?

(Book One in the Muslimah Trilogy, but can be read as a stand alone)

Mahzi1019 Mahzi1019 a day ago
One. Why are your books so amazing?? Two. Why are your book so inspirational??
iamfaiza iamfaiza Dec 09, 2015
i am unable to find the remaining part of the story after introduction, how to read the entire story.. please help me out.
GuardedFaith GuardedFaith Apr 01, 2015
Btw I wrote a book "Truth Of Islam" if you read it will mean a lot please read it but only if you desire, ni pressure your choise!!
GuardedFaith GuardedFaith Apr 01, 2015
Asalam-O-Alaikum your book sounds so interesting and inshallah I am looking forward to reading it just wanted to let you know to keep updating because you have a loving family (on wattpad) to read your new update so please keep updating!!!!
SabahWarsame3 SabahWarsame3 Jun 30, 2014
Omg amazing i hope she will stay strong like before manshallah:)
winter_snow_sparkles winter_snow_sparkles May 18, 2014
i need a chapter! fast!!!!! (no rush there, just a person's life pending. its gonna be okay...)