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Kaylee&Tiff By TurntLikeJelena Completed

Selena watched through the mirrors as Justin stood behind her. He gave her a small smile while wrapping his arms around to her tummy, being careful not to press too hard against her back. He stared down at her shoulder. The shoulder where the finger marks were visible under the strap of her white camisole. His eyes bore into her bruised skin. Selena, puzzled at first, followed his line of eyesight. Her eyes enlarged, the strokes of her toothbrush froze. She quickly spit in the sink before turning in Justin’s arms. “Where’s my sweatshirt?” she asked shakily.

Justin reluctantly forced his gaze from her hurt shoulder to look into her gorgeous green eyes that held just a hint of baby blue.

"It doesn’t matter,” he whispered softly. Selena’s heart accelerated. “I already saw everything, baby.” She felt her body restrict as the words sunk in. “Selena, who was it, baby? Who hurt you?” 

We may not be perfect in this world, but this world made us perfect for each other

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