The Yellow Brick Road Sucks || A Destiel High School AU

The Yellow Brick Road Sucks || A Destiel High School AU

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Dean Winchester, captain of the football team, gorgeous heart throb,  every cliché to being the most popular guy in Kansas High School, and his nerdy little brother, Sammy. 

Enter Castiel Novak, the new rich guy who just doesn't care.  (Well, maybe he does, but people don't need to know that. Do they?) With his baggy clothes, sex hair and eyes bluer than the TARDIS. He's sarcastic, witty, sassy and prone to panic attacks. Castiel is just losing the will to go on. Can anyone save him or will he just continue down that dark, dangerous road that he's headed? Let's not forget his crazy family; Gabriel, Anna, Raphael, Lucifer and his not so secret boyfriend; Michael. And his British cousins: Crowley and Balthazar!

Punk!Castiel and Jock!Dean. Destiel, Sabriel, Michifer and y'know, ships that try and make this story interesting... Does anyone actually read the whole description? Well that was probably a complete waste of five minutes...

also story just turns to crack tbh