DARE (Punk Michael Clifford)

DARE (Punk Michael Clifford)

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Becca By missupernatural Completed

His tattooed arms snaked tightly around your waist. 

His pierced lips moving in sync against yours. 

His eyes, that is unable to look away from you.

His voice, low and raspy, whispering in your ear. 

"Kiss me." 

"I dare you." 

That voice. 

Those arms.

Those lips. 

Those eyes. 

Belongs to the one person that everyone tells you to stay away from. 

Michael Clifford.

LET IT GOOOOOO! HEY HEY HEY.... Do you wanna build a snowman? So its like the first time in forever...?
I can never find my name in a fanfic (Nicole) but I always find my middle name (Marie)
CaliMallian CaliMallian Jul 26
I just read another Michael fic, and it was so cringey and fast paced... it was like:
                              Hes a jerk and i hate him, and then we made out and had sex and then we got married and had kids and then we dieeeeeedm
I'm 99.9% sure I'll never find a fanfic with my name. That's fine with me.
owlnoises owlnoises Feb 22
I'll say I hate frozen but you can catch me watching it all the time so
why do people hate frozen? it's honestly a good movie. it just gets annoying when everyone starts talking about it, and singing the songs and buying everything that has to do with frozen.