Forcefully His ( Mafia's )

Forcefully His ( Mafia's )

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" What the hell are you trying to do ??!! Stay away from me you bastard."

His eyes were filled with anger and he started coming closer to me and all I did was going back until my back hit the headboard of the bed. 

A evil smirk grew on his face and he framed me on the bed by putting both his hands on either sides of my hips. He came closer and whispered in my ear,
"I told you my love, the less you struggle , the less you'll have to bear." 
After saying this he bit my earlobe and............... 

This story does not have a normal ending like they get married and stay happy ever after. It has a twisted ending.

What happens when their fates are connected and their parents life are intertwined?? A lot mysteries need to be solved .

This mafia story is not a cliché one but contains a lot of mystery.

Little did Talia ( female protagonist ) knew that the handsome stranger who her eyes met was a mafia  (  Francesco )who wanted her as a price.