Key To My Heart

Key To My Heart

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Anastasia has had it with love. But what happens when she crosses paths with hot billionaire Ethan Woods? Will Anastasia succumb to her feelings? What will become of their relationship as constantly numerous figures and Ana's past tend to haunt them? 

Read to find out.

Sneak peek:

"You look cute when you blush." He said, making me blush harder. I averted my gaze from him and suddenly became nervous. It dawned on me then. We were all alone. I gulped. 

"Everything okay, Anastasia?" Ethan asked, a glint of amusement in his eyes.

"Y-yeah. W-would you, um, like something to eat or d-drink perhaps?" I stuttered nervously, my heart hammering in my chest. He came closer to me, locking his eyes with mine. 

"I would like to devour these beautiful lips of yours, Anastasia." He said in a sexy, low voice, his thumb grazing my bottom lip. My heart started beating faster and it became hard to breathe.

This is Book 1 of the "MY HEART" series. 

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