The Crimson Claymore

The Crimson Claymore

2.5M Reads 3.6K Votes 9 Part Story
Craig A. Price Jr. By CraigAPrice Completed

The brave warrior Searon is haunted by the deaths of his wife and children at the hands of the savage reptilian draeyks, who are on a bloodthirsty rampage. He walks the land of Calthoria alone and thirsty for vengeance. He hunts the creatures down one by one, 
showing no mercy. 

But Searon is a one-man army-and no match for the legions of murderous draeyks. Lucky for him, the powerful wizard Karceoles finds him during his travels and enlists Searon in this coming war. Karceoles believes Searon can unite the races to defeat the draeyks 
once and for all. 

Searon discovers he can do more damage with Karceoles and a band of warriors they find along the way. But as the war rages in earnest, Searon must make a choice: Is it more important to destroy the draeyks at all costs, or will his quest for vengeance endanger the lives of his new brothers and sisters at arms?

  • archer
  • bow
  • claymore
  • crossbow
  • dragon
  • drow
  • elf
  • faerie
  • goblin
  • mage
  • magic
  • medevil
  • necromancer
  • orc
  • scorpion
  • searon
  • sword
  • warlock
  • wizard
-DenisED1- -DenisED1- May 17
Soo basically we cant read book 1 for free, but if you start with book 2 that you can read fully you mis allot from book 1
CraigAPrice CraigAPrice Apr 28, 2016
@deaville - I am now 27. I started writing this book/story when I was 17 and have improved my writing a lot from editors and critique groups.
Angelina_np Angelina_np Nov 23, 2016
It is so nice to see that after all these years, you kept the cover I've made for you... Glad to see that you are a published author by now! Congratulations! :)
raeoga raeoga Oct 04, 2015
I think it's kind of stupid to give a little street girl all that money she will definitely get robbed.
wolfboys wolfboys Jul 05, 2015
I love this book I'm making  one  to  its called the will to survive , read it vote comment the tag is wolfe  another  is  wolfboy
ViansiKinz ViansiKinz Sep 24, 2014
her money is just going to be stolen from her by someone, and people would just accuse her of having stolen the money......