We Meet Again Laurance x Reader [ON HOLD]

We Meet Again Laurance x Reader [ON HOLD]

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2nd Book Of The Laurance x Reader Series
<<<<<<<<<Main Books>>>>>>>>>
-1st Book: Best Friends?
-2nd Book: We Meet Again
-3rd Book: Without You(Not Out Yet)

<<<<<<<<<Side Stories>>>>>>>>>
-Her Songs
-1st Book: Who Could Ever Love A Shadowknight
-Someone's Fan
-It's Been So Long
-Heart Of The Sea


I snap back into reality and see blood all over me. I'm holding a bloody knife and I look down and see Y/N in the snow all pale and bloody.

"W-What have I done!"

I was just staring wide eyed at her. 

I can't help but cry.

She's just sleeping right? RIGHT? She can't be dead!

"Y/N wake up.."


"Y/N come on this isn't funny."

No please Irene No!


I'm crying at this point.