Billionaires assistant/ Stephen James

Billionaires assistant/ Stephen James

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Kimberly Elizabeth Diamond 

Hi I'm Kimberly Diamond I'm 22 years old I'm from Italy but was raised in France both of my parents deceased from natural causes I'm an only child so since I'm still young I decided to live life at its fullest. 

Kimberly's P.O.V


My plane finally landed I walked out and grabbed my 4 suitcases I grabbed a cart a pushed it out when the fresh air of outside hit my face I breathed in and I knew I was finally in Los Angeles I pushed my cart to a taxi "need any help Miss" asked the taxi driver "yes thank you" I said he grabbed my suitcases and put it in the trunk of the car I got inside and after a while the driver did "so where would you like to go today?" He asked "do you know any good hotels I could stay at?" I asked "I'm guessing it's your first time here in Los Angeles" he said starting to drive "correct" I said "and I'm guessing from your accent you're Italian" he said "correct" I said he then continued to drive.

30 minutes later 

"Here you go" h...