A Long, Lonely Road: Advice for New Writers

A Long, Lonely Road: Advice for New Writers

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David Brin By DavidBrin Updated Jul 09, 2012

A Long, Lonely Road: Advice to New Writers

By David Brin

Most of literature and storytelling boils down to one basic issue, how to balance our hopes and our fears. Within a novel we adopt the characters' yearnings -- briefl--as our own, trying them on for size. And when those dreams, those ambitions, are threatened? That drives both empathy and a gripping plot-line. The hopes can be as small-scale as getting invited to a dance and the threat might just be a teen rival...

...or the issues at stake may ramp up to include absolutely everything we value. Our families, nations, civilization, and continuing survival. Our chance to continue existing as a species. Perhaps even the flourishing of life itself in our galaxy?

Writing is a worthy calling -- one that can, at times, achieve great heights that ennoble the human race.

Actually, I believe writing was the first truly verifiable and effective form of magic. Think of how it must have impressed people in ancient times! To look at marks...

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EuphoniousFish EuphoniousFish Feb 20, 2015
Thanks!  Lots of good advice from one of my favorite sci-fi writers.
rahulkahinka rahulkahinka Sep 12, 2014
Even though I am a member of Wattpad I landed here via google search and I loved it. Thanks!