Me as a Villainess! Fun!................NOT

Me as a Villainess! Fun!................NOT

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😺😸Cat I'mma kitty cat😸😺 By LAZYOtakuGiRL06 Updated Nov 06, 2018

Kira; a young 'lucky' maiden that is an Otaku.

Kira is a really 'lucky' girl to be hug 'warmly' by the one and only truck-sama and be reincarnated to her favorite otome game as the villainess who has many (and when I mean many MANY) horrible executions, like she'll be tortured, burned alive, raped, slaved and with every route the heroine pick she will be executed in many horrible ways!

Isn't she 'lucky'?! 

Welp. Let's see how the story goes. 


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