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Manhattan's Choice ✔

Manhattan's Choice ✔

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Erica By ericawoham Completed

(Highest ranking #1 in Romance 03:02:15 ) 
  (Book #1 in Manhattan Series) 
  I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way, the sound of her name could silence my demons.
                       -Christopher  Pointdextor. 

  ''Xavier Don't you fucking come near me!'' My fingers curled into fists, my heart hammering against my chest  and my blood was running cold under his piercing gaze.  
''Tsk-Tsk, my little rabbit, it's too late.'' With that he pushed me against the wall and he crashed his lips with mine, finally stopping my beating heart. 

How can someone so cold, make you feel so safe? 

Xavier Manhattan is famous for being rude, cold and distant.
 No one knows about his past except for the fact that he's the heir of the famous Manhattan's group head and would be taking over very soon.
 No one knows about any of his love interest or his office circle, he is not good with the media and definitely has a bad temper. People tend to stay away from his, fearing they might tick him off, which might cost them their life. In totality, he's a monster. 

Now don't you wonder, how will such a monster ever find someone?

 "Sometimes we fall in love just to fall out of it."
                   -Xavier Manhattan

People in the comments are gonna be fighting about who gets to marry him
noormallah noormallah 4 days ago
I thought Ali was a whole other person but then I realized....😬
I have begged for people to answer me this question a zillion times! What is that they see in Harry Styles? All the people (most of them) are obsessed with him😬 Almost all the fan fictions here is about Harry Styles😠
                              "No offence, Erica"
I got a curvy body from my momma 😏😩💖💖💦🔥🔥
It was so fun and light and then boom. It turned into pll 😂
Sorry but i know it sounds crazy but just to erase my confusion